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With increasing access to technology on a consumer level, specifically recording technology, the ability to capture moments has never been easier. How do we distinguish between which moments to share and which are better left undocumented? I am convinced that the answer to this will always be changing as technology continues to evolve, as does our reliance on it. 

I have realized that what I am drawn to in my work are moments of challenge and of growth. Moments that show a person seeing something or experiencing something that they never have before. Moments that will change the trajectory of a person’s work or of their life. 

These moments manifest themselves through research, education, persistence, and opportunity: biking across the country; discovering a new species; seeing the ocean floor for the first time; rebuilding from a hurricane; experiencing grief.

I continue to explore the boundaries of documenting people’s lives, how to share this, and where. I am always happy to discuss my work and where it has taken me, and where it may take me.  



College of the Atlantic (class of '12)

Salt Institute for Documentary Studies (class of '10)