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My drive to create stories, or to tell existing ones with a new perspective, is a persistent yet welcome force. There are days in which I struggle to contain the number of characters, settings, dialogues, and narratives in my mind — and there are days where I have none, however those days are few. These fragmented elements will never be fully cohesive, but what excites me the most is figuring out what I can combine to create truly impactful work.

Most of my recent work is rooted in various non-profits with focuses on conservation and education. When there is a message or mission behind my work that resonates with me, that is when I can engage audiences most effectively.



Overland Summers (2009 - present)

7 Cylinders Studio (2019)

The Island School (2015 - 2018)

NoticeAbility (2018)

Centre for Ocean Research and Education (2018)

Hurricane Island Foundation (2014)

Fabric workshop and Museum (2012-2013)

Maine Public Broadcasting Network (2012)


College of the Atlantic (class of '12)

Salt Institute for Documentary Studies (class of '10)